Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is it too late for "Spring Cleaning"?

So, every so often I get in the mood where I want to take all the clutter around me and organize it a little better. (Don't say a word Erin Hern, I know what you are thinking) So as always I started on my electronics this past week while I was off on vacation leave from work. Unfortunately I haven't made very good progress yet. The plan was to get my computer into shape. Install a new system, copy over what I really needed from the old ones, then just scrap them. This is still a work in progress. Next I plan on doing the same to the wife's PC and the one in the living room we use as a video storage/player. Then while at work tonight the idea occurred to me that my daughter is finely getting to an age where she can really start learning about music. So now my goal for the next two off days is to get the studio cleaned out and back up and running. She always comes in and wants to play the drums but I haven't had them hooked up in over a year, maybe longer. So I intend on getting it going so I can start teaching her some stuff and starting to record again myself. Which I have always enjoyed doing but kinda slacked off on after all my recording buddies moved away a few years ago. I am really looking forward to the day when me and syd can spend some time just jamming away, even though I am sure the wife won't care for it much. She has never been a big fan of the studio. I do plan on posting alot of the stuff I do on the net since I have a web server just sitting around collecting dust. I should be able to at least post links to the stuff here, and maybe even the files themselves if I can figure out how. So here is to spring cleaning and new ventures, hopefully this one will be as fun as I imagine it being.

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